Prague city break


1.Old Town Square

As you walk into Prague’s main square, you are greeted by the unmissable Astronomical Clock Tower. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but amazing!! Glistening in the day and night, it is the oldest, working astronomical clock in the world! The clocks dials represent the position of the Sun and Moon, the months, and the “Walk of the Apostles” – definitely something worth researching! The Church of Lady before Tyn, is the fairy tale, castle looking building just across from the Clock Tower. The Square at night comes alive with restaurants and bars, a little more expensive than the rest of Prague, but still very good value for money.


2. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is by far one of the most memorable, and beautiful bridges I’ve seen. Reminding me a little of the Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome, the bridge is recognised by it’s various statues situated either side of the walk way. Whether it’s Summer, Autumn, or Winter, the views from the bridge are absolutely stunning.


3. Prague Castle

Prague’s Castle over-looks the city and is a great place to visit if you’re hungry for some history. To get to the Castle, you’ll take a lovely walk through the old town, and up several (yeah, quite a few) stairs. Once you get to the top, the views are breathtaking. Overlooking the whole city, you can see for miles. The Castle itself has several museums and churches, and the square outside has a lovely buzz, and beautiful restaurants.


 4. Mlynec Restaurant

For My birthday I was wined and dined at the most gorgeous restaurant, with the best seat in the house! Seated underneath the lit up Charles Bridge, the restaurant staff really did make sure I had the most magical evening. The service and the food…. THE FOOD…Where do I even start with the food?! Everything was incredible. 5 courses of pure bliss!  Thank you Mlynec restaurant for having us.

5. Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club

I’ve always believed in letting the wind take you to your destination, rather than planning on where to go. So we decided to wander around the streets of Prague in an attempt to get lost and stumble upon somewhere I could celebrate my birthday at 12am… And we found an absolute gem! The cutest little Jazz Bar, hidden down in a basement. The bar staff were so kind, the entertainment was amazing, and the atmosphere was perfect. Such an amazing evening to celebrate my birthday! Definitely check it out if you’re up for live bands and drinks.

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