The Little Black and Silver Jewel Bag – By Ninette

It’s New Years Eve on Sunday, and I’ve not thought about a single resolution. I mean, does anyone actually make one that they stick too, or? … I guess for me, the main thing is to be happy in the new year, and to focus on the good things i’d like to bring to the world and those around me, and i’m still finding new creative and sassy ways to live a little more sustainably, and support those who are focusing on ethical and environmentally friendly living.

A few months ago I was introduced to Sarah by a mutual friend, who like me, loves a good ethical, animal friendly product. Sarah’s company design and hand make a gorgeous range of vegan handbags, from clutches to over the shoulder bags, and even accessories. Made in the south of France, By Ninette’s bags are made in a local leather workshop, with ethically and environmentally friendly materials, such as Organic Hemp, Cotton and Cork Leather.

Although the clutches on their instagram have the most vibrant and colourful range to choose from, I love and needed a new little black bag I can take anywhere, and so I asked Sarah to have a peak at the new range, and found the exact bag I needed, the “En Vau”.

The “En Vau” is the smallest in their handbag collection (just what I need), and for me, the most unique. It comes with small hand straps and two chain straps to allow you to carry the bag over your shoulder. The chain is silver and can look a little rock/gothic, but I love dressing up and using the bag with chain over the shoulder or just hanging down, as it has real elegant side to it.

I can’t recommend By Ninette enough. I use my gorge bag almost every day and the quality is amazing! the bag doesn’t get scratched, collect dirt marks or wear. There are also inside pockets, a zip pocket and a useful magnetic clasp to keep the bag closed. Although the bag doesn’t have a zip, the magnetic clasp and chains keep the bag firmly closed, so I feel safe walking with my bag on my shoulder. I honestly hate the feeling of having my bag open or having to open and close a zip every 5 seconds to get my phone in and out, so it’s just a massive bonus with this bag.

If you’d like to see more or want to buy a thoughtful and beautiful gift for a friend or relative, please head to the By Ninette page –>

I love supporting brands and small companies who are making a difference to the world by choosing to stay ethical. If you’d like to see how By Ninette do this, please click below to check out their story and range of materials used to make their hand made products –> By Ninette Materials

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