SnuzKot – For the Modern Nursery

Finally! Baby is here, a good night sleep is slowly but surely beginning to exist again, and the nursery is starting to look gorgeous! I certainly was not a mum who prepped the nursery, pre baby. We had the cot, clothes and nappies at the ready, but the extra bits have taken a little longer to get in place… and for good reason. I’ve loved personalising the nursery to our little boy. Building it together and adding the animals and colours which we feel remind us of our little bundle of joy.

The main piece in the nursery is of course, the cot. Everything revolves around his comfy little snoozing area. Since week 4 he’s been catching his beauty sleep in this stylish and minimal, Scandinavian style Snuzkot from Snuz. It’s not only gorgeous, but it has several features that make it a nursery dream.

BUILT TO LAST – It’s made form natural beech wood. No MDF. No veneer. It’s designed to last and hold its value. It just feels and looks top quality. Very firm and sturdy, it makes a great cot to last years and passing on to younger families. This particular style is available in 7 colours. All minimal, gorgeous and striking.

HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS – The cot has three levels. The highest level is great for lifting your newborn baby in and out of, especially if you are fragile after birth and haven’t yet built the back / arm strength in the early months. Crazy feeling, but we are already down a level with our little climbing monkey. Even though extremely exhausted from day to day with a baby, I couldn’t believe how easily and quickly we were able to adjust the cot.

VALUE – This cot is great value for money. Although this may not be the cheapest cot on the market, you can be sure with its lasting materials and age transitions, this cot will pay you back with its longevity. Lasting up to 10 years, the cot transitions from newborn, to toddler, to up to 4, and with an additional extension kit taking your little one up to 10 years. That means no fussing over what to buy next, and with its great quality can be used for generations to come. This makes it much more sustainable that other options which may only last until toddler age.

EASY TO BUILD – Putting the cot together required 1 person. I managed to put the cot together, post birth within around 2 hours. The instructions were very easy to read, and the number of parts wasn’t too overwhelming.

SUSTAINABLE – As previously mentioned, this cot can last for years. It’s strong and built well which will mean if treated with care, this comfy bed could last generations, reducing the need for buying new cots/beds and creating less unnecessary waste. Made from natural wood means that when it is time to say goodbye to your Snuzcot, the parts can be reused or recycled.

MATTRESS – The Snuz mattress is a super comfy and firm mattress built to perfection. From the moment we received the mattress I could tell it was real value for money. As the cot is designed to last for years, it’s only brilliant to see that the mattress is also designed to lasts for up to 7 years. Even now, after 10 months, our mattress still feels firm and is in great condition. The outer layer has a waterproof surface and the covers can be removed and washed. It’s also great that it has a built in anti-dust mite barrier.

EXTRAS – In addition to the cot and mattress, we purchased the Snuz bedding which is so gorgeous and still incredibly soft. I love putting our little one down knowing he will be comfier than ever for his naps and sleep.

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