Reyousable // rCUP on-the-go

Okay, so for a long time now I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a reliable, eco friendly drinking cup/flask. I was sent in the direction of Claire and Nicola, the friendly founders of REYOUSABLE, whose mission is to cut down the usage of single use plastic bottles and provide their customers with a long lasting, easy to use, and beautiful range of reusables for any type of lifestyle.

They provide all types of flasks, cups and bottles, and with the diverse range of the billions of drinks consumed every day, it’s crucial to keep up with the ever changing trends and demands of us keen sippers. I’m a lover of Oat Chia Latte on the go, and ginger and lemon infused water to keep me hydrated. After meeting with the lovely ladies at a local eco market event, we decided the rCUP would be most suitable for my lifestyle and drinking choice. A flask for both warm and cold drinks, and sure to keep up with my on-the-go living.

So here’s 5 reasons why you need the rCUP in your life…

1 – The no leak lid. Okay so this lid does not leak. Not one bit! It’s Shut Up function means that when it’s popped up, it’s closed, and when it’s down, it’s open. It might take a bit of getting used to but once you realise you can trust this cup in the bottom of your bag, it’ll sure become your trusty on-the-go best friend.

2 – It’s amazing on the go. So the lid open/close function is as easy as push down, push up. So no need to unscrew the lid whilst you’re on the go. You simply pop the lip down and sip from any side of the cup. 360 ways to sip! Alongside the no leak feature, this makes the cup traveller and parent friendly. The last thing you want is spillage when you’re on the move. 

3 – It’s made from recycled plastic bottles. Okay, so not only does this bottle look beautiful, but it’s made from recycled plastic bottles!! I mean, what a way to go about reducing single use plastic bottles, but to buy one that reduces waste too! The rCUP is made from 50% plastic bottles and 50% plastic lids which makes it strong. With a lifespan of approx 10 years, the rCUP is an all round yes for eco living! 

4 Saying no to single use. rCUP state that if just 1 in 10 coffee drinkers switched to a reusable cup, per year, 50 million used cups could be recycled. It would also mean that 50 Billion disposable cups won’t be needed. This is an incredible amount of saving and reusing.

5 – It’s robust and fit for purpose. This flask not only feels and looks great, because of its strong materials it’s robust and long lasting. You can feel it when you use it. It’ll take more than just day to day living to fall apart or break easily. The flask is also great at keeping drinks cool or hot, and there is not need to wait for your hot drink to cool a little before picking up your flask.

It’s clear that the rCUP is built to offer the customer a high quality, value for money flask that is an all round possitive, trusty possession. It’s so great to see local companies like REYOUSABLE who are dedicated to contributing towards a positive impact on the environment, growing and doing so well. I’m excited to see them continue sharing and expanding their lovely eco friendly range of reusables.

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