Kit & Kin – Eco Nappies and baby wipes

Becoming a new parent requires a whole lot of planning. Everything from sterilisers to a tiny hospital hat. One item that comes to mind before most.. is of course, the Nappy. All of a sudden, your little one has arrived and you need, well, LOTS of them.

Environment and sustainability

With all of the best intentions to go completely waste free with reusable nappies, often the practicality may not be the best. That is why Kit and Kin have designed a nappy that’s both practical and biodegradable to ensure that even the waste is only temporary. Nappy panels, tapes, anti-leak barriers, and packaging are made from oxo-biodegrable material that can biodegrade within 3-6 years.

Not only are the nappies biodegradable but the soft internal and external lining are made with naturally derived, plant based sustainable materials which we much prefer for our little one’s skin. Especially with the absorbent core fluff pulp being chlorine-free and harvested from sustainably managed forests.


Each nappy size has two gorgeous animal prints. The pack we received was size 2 – Leopards and Rabbits. Which brought a smile to our faces every time we opened the draw and put them on our little one. Each size. from 1-6 (2Kg – 16+kg) have their own gorgeous animal prints.

Animal Friendly

A great thing about Kit and Kin’s is that they are a member of PETA, so any products that you purchase from them are not tested on animals. This is such an important part to think about when deciding on which nappies to purchase. Animal cruelty is never necessary, and being a part of PETA is a great example to go by, and a great reason to support a particular company.

We love the designs and how the nappies are less bulky. Although using these materials means they may need changing more regular than other brands who do not use biodegradable materials, it’s a great feeling knowing your waste isn’t permanent and the materials used are kinder, especially when life seems to be running at 10000mph and nappies are going on and off quicker than you can count.

Kit and Kin also provide biodegradable wipes and nappy bags which are great to buy with the eco nappies.

They offer bundle packs, and a subscribe and save option, so regular customers can take advantage of a discounts if they subscribe to their own personalised nappy delivery package. If you find you’re using more/less nappies than expected, you can amend your delivery options to suit, and having your package delivered means you don’t have to worry about your important stash running low. It’s one less job to think about.

Now that life has calmed down at home, we are getting ready to make the switch to reusable nappies. Made from recovered fishing nets and other nylon waste, these products help clean up the earth and oceans, whilst providing a no-waste option to baby care. I can’t wait for us to try the Kit and Kin beautiful animal print Reusable nappies.

For whichever type you decide to go for, choosing Kit and Kin means not only are you making a positive choice for your little one’s skin, but also a great choice for the planet too.

We are so grateful for companies like Kit and Kin which are leading the way to a more sustainable future for all.

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