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Spa stays. Something we always long for, however we all too often get caught up in our routine weeks, day trips out, sports and so on, so on, to even stop and think about treating ourselves to that well deserved BREAK. Yes, that means a real break, definitely not a city break or road trip to the Welsh Coast. It means putting down your laptop, iphone, kids… and completely switching off. Think about it, when was the last time you actually did that…… and for a whole weekend?

If the thought of not only planning the trip, but also spending all that money on two days of doing nothing but eat, relax and sleep is enough to send your mind into running the complete and opposite direction, then you’re definitely not alone. There is so much on the internet nowadays to choose from, looking as though it will be great value for money, but simply, is not. It’s so hard to choose the right place, and until you have actually been yourself or a trusted source has given a first handed review, then spending money is very unlikely going to happen on your first scroll. So, when booking a Spa weekend, always make sure you have reliable source or reviews are 85-100% positive, so that you know you’re getting good value for your money!


After hearing from a friend that Hotel Du Vin were a quality chain of Hotels in the UK and definitely worth a stay for a relaxing weekend, I decided to check out the webpage. Equipped with a Spa, Bistro, Champagne Bar, and Luxury Suites, I thought I’d give it a go and stay in their Birmingham hotel…. and it’s absolutely lovely! Great value for money, and a very relaxing, much needed stay.

So, here is a break down of my stay from the Room to the Spa, and all the food in between. I have rated each section of the stay so that you can see how all of the hotel performs, in my eyes, just in case you choose a different package.


Right, so when entering the hotel, you are greeting with this gorgeous lobby and staircase, which leads you to an outside, under cover court yard. This is the kind of detail that catches my eye and has me dying to book asap! The court yard is used for functions and entertainment, and is a lovely lit area in the centre of the hotel. Check in is very simple, and the staff very helpful.

The Room  8/10

Looking online, the rooms range from standard up to apartment suites. I’m a bit of a sucker for being persuaded to go for the more expensive rooms, just because, well, they look good! I know at the end of the day, they are all just a room, shower, and bed, but there’s something about getting into that hotel room, jumping onto the super double sized bed and being able to strut around in my dresses before a night out.

So, I tried out the Luxury Suite, and it definitely did not disappoint! I could have easily fit in the bed around 8 times, and the Victorian bath tub/water fall shower were amazing in the spacious bathroom. The room had a sofa, TV, huge window, wardrobe with an iron, champagne flutes, hangers etc, hairdryer, and even an Nespresso machine! The price of the room is definitely worth the upgrade from the standard rooms if you’re looking for something a little more special. I honestly think any of the rooms would be great if you’re looking to save a few pennies or if you have a special occasion. The particular room we stayed in seemed like we had everything from a small room put into a large room, which did make it feel a little large and empty rather than cosy, however looking at the floor plan, it was the largest room suite, so I would love to try out a few more as the bed was the comfiest bed I’ve stayed in, and definitely made the stay in the Deluxe Suite worth it!


The Bistro 7.5/10

The Bistro is a gorgeous dining area, covered in framed art, candles, and a very well set variety of tables, making it a classy and cosy place to dine. We were kindly taken to our table, in the quieter area at the back of the restaurant. With our meal included in the stay, we had a choice from a set menu. Now, usually a set menu means I’m faced with a short list, with little choice, and possibly a little stingy with the amount of food on my plate. I saw the price of the set menu and with it being very reasonable, I assumed the above, and ordered two starters, a main, and dessert……. and WELL, was I pleasantly surprised!!!! The portion size, the presentation of the food, and service was fantastic. The starters were like mains, and the mains were just as good (not that I needed any more food by this point). For a Friday night, the Bistro was not busy, and we enjoyed a romantic and relaxing meal, with excellent service.

The Breakfast 9/10

I’m not really going to go into the breakfast too much, but all I can say is there was EVERYTHING! A great selection of your usual eggs/toast/croissant/cooked options, which again were accompanied by excellent service first thing in the morning, to cereal, yogurt, fruit jars etc. We certainly did have an absolute feast. If you were to ever stay in Birmingham or even have an early meeting in the city, I would definitely recommend this as a place to meet for a good Breakfast. It’s centrally located next to Snow Hill station, and is great value for money.

The Spa 9/10

Right, so this is the bit where we go from hotel to Spa, and also the part where I was particularly looking for quality service. My reason being – previous experiences of not receiving a service I have paid for. We’ve all been there, when things go well, which so often they do, it’s great to give feed back and even a tip. However, when things go wrong, you go home, think it over, and want to go back an have some sort of outburst for your disappointing experience….but that would mean wasting more time right? I think this is especially true when paying for a service like a hair cut/massage, where you expect the relaxing environment, the kind/helpful staff, and the treatment you have booked to be of a professional and high standard……..

…..Well Spa Du Vin, we got exactly that! A calm atmosphere, professional and kind staff, and prosecco and chocolate strawberries in the relaxation room to finish. It was a lovely experience, and one I would have again. The ladies who looked after us were very helpful and didn’t keep us waiting or waste any of our time. I really felt like our experience mattered to them, and that’s what really matters. I would recommend the full body massage, being very relaxing, and definitely relieved some built up tension.

Here is the link to the Spa for more information on packages and treatments for Him and Her:

Overall, my experience at Hotel Du Vin Birmingham was a real treat. I would definitely stay here again, and I am looking forward to staying in their other locations around the UK!

If you have an questions about the stay or hotel, please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you asap.

Enjoy the week and definitely check them out!!


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