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Finallyyyy, we have had some sunshine in the UK, after what feels like an actual lifetime! Nothing is more welcoming than warm rays on our faces, giving that magical healthy glow…..or red nose if you’re lazy with the lotion… Tan can change your whole life…. I mean, who doesn’t love that bronze goddess look?

The feeling of healthy vitamin D is something we are all craving for, and I am the first one out there tanning at any opportunity, but you can be sure that irritating voice is in the back of your head saying… “Don’t get burnt” “Wear factor 50” “You’ll fry out there!. We all know it’s a danger, to our skin, eyes, even your hair takes a hit from the sun… and lets not even start with sun beds.

But I mean realistically, we can be sure for majority of the year, this wont even be the case.

So we turn to other methods to get our glow. As someone who has used fake tan from the moment I started at university, I can be thankful for the trusty tan substitute for making many of my nights, a night out in confidence!

So, here’s the dilema, sun damage or chemicals? Which route do we go down in when we are wanting that 365 day tan? Well, I decided that as the sun wasn’t going to get here in a hurry, to research natural tanning products, and I discovered ECOTAN!

EcoTan have a full range of Organic tanning products for your every need, and they are skin heaven!

Nothing shouts healthy more than a beautiful face glow all year round, so I tried the Eco Tan Face Water. Not only is the application simple and minimal, the smell of the product is like an orange X fresh dream! Using only certified organic and natural products, including the below

  • Aloe vera
  • Orange peel
  • Rose geranium
  • Natural Hyaluronic Acid

So here’s my result from the Eco Tan – Face Tan Water:

I am so so happy with the results and can notice the difference Face Tan Water makes after just two applications, feeling confident enough to use either light or no foundation in the day. It’s such a great product which feels light, smells yummy, and looks natural. It washes off after a few days, so up keep is required, however, the bottle lasts ages – I’m less than a quarter of my way through, in 3 months!

To Shop Eco Tan Face Tan Water click here –>> ECOTAN

What does it mean to be Certified Organic for EcoTan??

  • NO GMO’s
  • NO Animal testing
  • NO synthetic or artificial ingredients
  • NO toxic herbicides/pesticides
  • NO Animal derivatives


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