Cork Laptop Sleeve from Moana Cork

Today it is all too easy to get onto amazon and purchase cases for your phone, laptop or tablet. There are hundreds of plastics options to choose from. I have been there many times when I need protection for my new (easy to scratch gadget), at just a click of a button my product can be delivered on the day if ordered early enough.

I decided that i’d like to find a product that is both eco friendly and good quality, rather than the plastic to tacky options I have used before which are easily scratched, and eventually break. Not to mention their inability to disappear form existance once not required.

I looked at several options from recycled materials to sleeves made from leaves. I’d never even considered cork to be a suitable material for a laptop case/sleeve, but after searching Eco Laptop case, ‘cork’ popped up as one of the most popular materials used. I looked up this eco friendly material on Etsy and was instantly drawn to Moana Cork with their gorgeous distinct colour stripes.

My laptop sleeve arrived quickly and I have been using it for a few weeks now. The material I durable, super soft and flexible, and looks so so much better than any plastic or standard material sleeves I have seen. If you’d like to know more, here are the reasons I am so happy I chose to try a Moana Cork Laptop sleeve over just another plastic/material sleeve:

  • Cork is both a natural and environmentally friendly material.
  •  Each product is handmade which makes your sleeve unique and definitely more quirky – Mine is the first one I’ve seen.
  • The cork is a water repellent material, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, hypoallergenic and soft to the touch – I mean, I have had plastic cases which scratch the moment they go into my bag. The cork sleeve is a delight to use and hasn’t lost its new look quality.

The laptop case comes in different colours and also in 13″ and 15″. My new MacBook Air feels completely safe inside and fits snug, but not so snug that it’d difficult to get in and out. The sleeve is very easy to use, and also a great base for the laptop when on the table (another bonus). It isn’t deigned to stop scratches, so once out of the sleeve, you can choose how to protect your laptop, but it’s such a great way to protect your laptop on the move.

Check out Moana Cork, they also sell gorgeous cork bags, wallets and backpacks –>

Etsy: —> Moana Cork Etsy

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